“Its your first rescue mission! Is it not exciting!” chirped our over excited onboard helper, Amy. She was always super hyper. “We are close to our whale”. She squealed. Sometimes I wish she just stopped her incessant chattering. Especially now when I was not that excited.

I am a superb swimmer, superb diver, superb in everything related to water, but I had never done anything so far at sea. I tried my best to push the little chinks of fear out of my head. Fear was a dangerous thing, especially in a moment like this. Plus, it will be too embarrassing to show.

At first, I was a hopeless orphaned teenager. But then due to a swimming coach for little kids, my agility got noticed by many other people. And soon I entered competitions and important tournaments of diving and underwater swimming. Then I decided to push limits and joined the WRO (Whale Rescue Organisation).

I learnt many things about marine animals and plants along with tough training at the WRO.

Now the time has come to show my skills. Me and my diving partner Juliet (also a good friend) were about to rescue a whale stuck in fisherman’s net. Whats more, it was a Blue Whale!!

“All set, Juliet and Ushari?” asked Amy. Juliet’s eyes were glittering. “Yes” we replied in a confident voice.


With the final checkup done, we were all set to dive. “Good luck!” cried Amy. We were in our positions. “Now”, yelled Amy. Off we were, into the waves of the majestic blue sea.

“Target spotted”, stated Juliet in her speaker. I saw it too right below us.

We were now in the deepest waters of the ocean. So far so good. We could see the whale clearly now. And lord, what a whale! It was huge. It took us a minute to figure out that it was baby blue whale. In the short distance, the mother whale for rotating frantically and releasing low pitched moans.

I was utterly mesmerized by the beauty of baby whale. And at the same time felt horribly sad for the mom. All fear gone, me and Juliet carefully started to untangle the net.

The baby whale was struggling immensely, making the task even more tough. Its flippers and tail was tangled the most. After a while, the knots and net were finally out.

It looked like the baby whale was actually smiling! I felt…. so…. connected to the whale. So extremely happy and proud for saving the whale. I also felt a tinge of sorrow for having to leave it.

The whale then immediately surfaced for breath and joined its mom. It was time for us to surface too.

Juliet started to swim upward. She motioned me to follow. I was trying with all my might. Only to realize that my flipper had been caught in sea weed. We studied about these kinds of sea weeds. Whatever it grabs, it does not let go easily.


Juliet noticed it sooner and informed Amy. “There is no time”, I said staring at my Oxygen tank. The level of Oxygen was really low. I tugged the sea weed. “Don’t do that”, said Juliet, “It will come up by itself”. “There is not time!!”, I repeated.

The effects of low Oxygen has started.

I gasped. I swam frantically. Juliet left to go get help. I then stopped. I saw a big blurred grey figure coming towards me. Now I really started to panic. Suddenly, I felt a hard push. My flipper came off, but I was too dazed to notice.

My vision started swirling and I could not think straight….

Less than a moment later, I started regaining myself. I could…. breath. My vision cleared. I expected to be on the ship with Amy and Juliet, but no. I seem to be sitting on something slippery. I looked around for my life saver. I then heard a familiar moan. I realized….

It was the beautiful baby whale. It saved me! I saw our ship in the distance. Everyone on board was dumbstruck, and for once Amy had nothing to say. The whale hoisted me in the air by a shoot of water. I laughed my first laugh in many years.

I tried to hug the whale. The whale released a happy moan. “Thank you”, I said. His eyes were twinkling.


I was treated to the ship with utmost care. The whale stayed close by.

Once aboard, I noticed my foot infection. “After this incident, we thought you might want to take an onboard job”, said Amy, showing me a form.

I threw my head back and laughed. It was only because of this incident I got to make a new friend. I walked to my whale friend. We had…. bonded. I looked at Amy and said, “No. If I am ever in trouble again in the sea, I am sure this whale will always be there for me.”.

I will indeed never forget his kindness.

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